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Magic Lunchbox – Doin’ Alright

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Doin' Alright

Doin' Alright

1. Doin’ Alright
2. Fix My Mo’
3. Theme From ‘The Bill’
4. I Love You (You Broke My Balls)

All tracks © Magic Lunchbox (except track 3 © Pask/Morgan).

Engineered and mixed by Tom Kazas/Scott Saunders.

Mastered at 301.

Magic Lunchbox – Spastique

Monday, March 16th, 2009

1. Dreaming Is Over
2. New Shoes
3. Taking a Chance
4. Doin’ Alright
5. Gay Tennis Coach
6. Fix My Mo’
7. Song For Greg
8. I Can See
9. Fashanu

Recorded By Tom Kanzas

Mixed by Tom Kanzas and Scott Saunders

Also by Scott Barr

‘Song For Greg’ and ‘Gay Tennis Coach’ Recorded by Magic Lunchbox

Mastered by Steve Smart at 301

Cover photos by Jeremy Ambler. Band photos by Shaun Higgins.

Recorded at Troy Horse Studios, Alexandria, Australia.

Except Tracks 5 & 7 recorded at Leefal Weapon Studios, Roselands, Australia.

All songs by Magic Lunchbox, 2004.